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Aditya Agri Genetics is a technology driven, hybrid seeds business serving farmers across India with differentiated and value added seeds in range of field crops – pearl millet, mustard, castor, cumen, and fooder hybrid seeds produces and markets proprietary research hybrids developed. Aditya Agri Genetics expertise In crop genetics and plant biotechnology to develop high performance hybrid seeds for Indian markets with Improved yield, agronomic traits and better crop protection from insects and diseases.

Aditya Agri Genetics fast success in the market place and acceptance of its products is a result of the focused approach to develop product based on customer requirements In different growing conditions and the ability successfully reach the customer on time with the quality tested products and effective support , post sales. Aditya Agri Genetics introduces new and novel hybrids for each market in India after a systematic and objective evaluation of the hybrid in farmer field conditions.

The seeds production location of Aditya Agri Genetics are located in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and tamilnadu., the seeds drying facilities , seeds conditioning plants and seeds quality assurance laboratories are located at Gujarat. Aditya Agri Genetics has more than 350 channel partners and 7500 retailer across India . Aditya Agri genetics has recently expanded it’s markets to all over India.

More than million farmers around the country in India use Aditya Agri Genetics products and are well-supported by marketing team. That imparts product knowledge and offers solutions to continuously enhance productivity.

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